PVA Blast Facts and Questions....

How long does delivery take once I have ordered from PVA Blast?

All orders will be delivered within 24-72 hours of confirmed payment during business days.. Most of the time much faster. Please note that PVA Blast may not deliver your order on weekends.

Can I receive my order faster?

Yes, please check out PVA Blast Express Deliver Options by Clicking here....

What are Payment Options?

Please let us know how you would like to pay: Payment Options are as follows: PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, Money-gram, Western Union, Green-dot-Moneypak.

Can I forward my calls to a number other than USA Number?

PVA Blast will only forward you phone calls to a USA Phone Line.

What are my options if I don' have a USA Phone Line to forward calls to?

If you currently do not have a USA phone number, you may purchase one of our non-pva blast phone numbers to forward your calls to. This is called the Voicemail to email option.

How does Voice-mail to Email Transcription work:

Voice-mail to Email Transcription:
PVA Blast Transcribe your Voice-mail into an email. You will receive an attachment with every new voice-mail you receive directly to your email address. All you need to do is click on the new email and attachment in the email, and listen to your messages. This works 24/7. If you need to purchase one of our non-pva blast phone numbers, you may
click here....

Can I use a Non-PVA Blast phone number to create a pva account?

You will not be able to create a pva account with the non-pva phone numbers. This number will not receive phone call for pva account creation. To create a pva account, you will need to purchase one of PVA Blast phone lines to get you started. Click here to buy phone line....

Can I order a number outside of USA?

Yes, we sell USA, Toll Free and Canada phone lines.

If you need Canada Phone Line please click here...

If you need Toll-Free Phone Line please click here....

Do you sell real phone number or voip number?

PVA Blast sells to you real phone lines to create a verified account. We do not sell you voip phone number to create a pva account. VOIP phone numbers will not work to create account. The PVA Blast phone number that we give you will work for pva account creation or any phone verification account needs. PVA Blast will guarantee you the best phone numbers for your account needs.

Can I select the City and State of my choice?

Yes, you may choose your select City/State of your choice. In the order form, please input your select city/state in the options box. Example: If you prefer Miami, Fl, we will give you Miami,FL as long as you input that into the order form.

I have more questions?

Contact PVA Blast 24/7 here...